We Can All Probably Relate to This Woman’s Experience In World Market

food, we can all probably relate to this woman’s experience in world market

It is cool – we’d find it hard to leave too!

We’ve often been struck by indecision when we’ve headed into our favorite store. Seriously, how many times have you headed into your local favorite shop (shout out to Target), just to browse the aisles for what felt like hours, maybe even make fun of some of the overpriced items, while others waited for you to finally break free of your shopping spree?

Well, that is exactly the situation one woman found herself while wandering through her local World Market and came across some of the cutest pieces that she ever did find (and more, and more, and more!)


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Stacey Coelho recently headed over to World Market to pick up… a few things. But, as tends to happen with these kinds of places, she would up finding a lot more than she bargained for. You see, this store has a lot of cute home goods – enough to keep the unwary traveler there for hours on end if they are able to catch you.

And World Market knows exactly how to ‘catch’ those who come by. So Stacey walked in, only to find mushroom everythings… Literally. The first thing that she stumbled across was a mushroom-themed kitchen set, complete with cookie jar, pot, and more. These items are literally too cute, and we can already picture just how well they’d fit into a cottage-core themed house.

But that isn’t all. Poor Stacey, having already grabbed said mushroom set, wandered on to find even more mushroom-themed items. World Market had mushroom sponges, coffee mugs (which, by the way, we totally want to steal), and even some pillows covered in mushrooms, snails, and more! Of course Stacey got a little bit of everything (save for the pillow), before skedaddling her way out of the store.

To be honest, we are kind of surprised she ever left! We aren’t sure we’d have the strength to leave, or at least not with an entirely full cart – or two – behind us!

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