We're Obsessed With These Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs From Home Bargains

Home Bargains has released a whole range dedicated to The Grinch – including festive PJs, stockings, baubles and mugs – but these hot chocolate bombs have to be our favourite pick of the bunch. Love, love, love. Double love. Looove entirely!

Filled with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, the hot chocolate mug melts come in two festive flavours – peppermint and milk chocolate – and are perfect for cosying up with your favourite Christmas film (though The Grinch is strongly encouraged, of course). As the famous green villain once said, it’s guaranteed to leave you “all toasty inside.”

Priced at £1.99 per hot chocolate bomb, they’re super simple to make; just pop into some warm milk and watch Mr Grinch – nose and all – melt away into sweet, hot chocolatey bliss. As for the toppings? We’d recommend a generous amount of whipped cream, but you could go all out with Christmas candy canes and sprinkles, too. It would feel wrong if it didn’t taste so right.

food, we're obsessed with these grinch hot chocolate bombs from home bargains

Home Bargain’s Grinch range includes hot chocolate bombs, mugs, baubles, and festive PJs. There’ll be no sad faces at Christmas!

@newfoodfindsUK shared the recent discovery on their TikTok channel, and the video has quickly racked up over 8,000 likes, with fans commenting: “I need these 😮” and ” I MUST get all of this right now.” Looks like we better run on down to Home Bargains, because by the sounds of things, these will be snapped up fast.

Can’t find them in-store? Don’t Cindy Boo-Hoo, because we’ve got the perfect recipe to make your very own hot chocolate bombs at home.

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