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If you’re lucky, you’ll marry into a good family, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll get an awesome brother-in-law. Men are often harder to shop for, but our list of gifts for your brother-in-law has you covered. These presents cover a range of ages, from a little brother in college, to a big brother with a wife and kids. As you scroll through, pay special attention to anything funny, personalized or perfect for DIY fans, as these often make the best gifts, whether you’re shopping for the holidays, his birthday or another special occasion. We have everything on this list, from a monthly subscription if he’s always losing his socks to the perfect camp chair for tailgating or outdoor adventures.

For your brother-in-law who is a beer lover, there are multiple options on this list, including a bottle cap map and a personalized beer glass. There’s a gift for the brother-in-law who BBQs Memorial Day through Labor Day, including a portable grill, digitized meat thermometer and kabob grilling baskets. If he’s a foodie, there’s a set of regional hot sauces that will make his mouth water. For the aging emo kid (they never grow up, do they?), there’s an amp-themed doormat for his black Converse and broken heart. Trust us, we’ve thought of everything.

If you’re searching for even more great ideas (we get it), check out our men’s gift guide for the best finds on sellers like Amazon and Etsy.

1) Indoor Garden Pepper Seed Starter Kit


Even though his summer garden has come and gone, you can give him a similar thrill with this indoor gardening kit, which grows four types of hot peppers. He won’t even have to worry about tracking down the right soil or pot sizes since everything’s included.

2) Grilling Planks


The next time he grills, he can stick meat, fish or veggies on one of these wooden planks to infuse natural flavor. This pack comes with six different wood types — cedar, maple and oak, to name a few — so he can choose which flavor profile works best for his entrée.

3) World Bucket List Map


Whenever you see him, he’s always showing off his latest travels. While photos are a great way to document memories, this scratch-off map will really show him how much of the world he’s explored.

12) Relative Insanity Party Game


This card game isn’t implying that he’s one of your insane relatives… or is it? Regardless, the entire family will get a kick out of this game, which prompts everyone to match situations with funny punchlines just like Cards Against Humanity.

5) Bluetooth Beanie


This top-rated beanie will give him the best of both worlds: warm ears and the ability to listen to his favorite tunes. Perfect for shoveling, don’t ya think?

Truffle Oil Selection Gift Set


A drizzle of truffle oil instantly elevates pasta, pizza or basic french fries. This set gives him three different varieties to switch between, depending on if he wants something garlicky (white truffle oil), earthy (black truffle oil) or nutty (English truffle oil).

7) Mini Projector


Give him the movie-going experience in the comfort of his living room (or backyard!) with this mini projector. He can connect any device — laptop, tablet, or TV stick — to project full movies, TV shows or video clips on a blank wall.

8) Personal Water Filter


You want to keep your adventure buddy safe when he’s on the trails, which makes this straw filter a no-brainer. More than 22,000 Amazon reviewers swear by it, claiming it’s light enough to carry and a total game-changer since it “purifies pond, river and puddle water.”

9) New World Sourdough


Not too long ago, he traded banana bread for sourdough — and it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing ever since. Give him the help — and comfort — he needs to take his bread-making to the next level by gifting him this how-to guide by a total pro.

10) Portable Charcoal Grill & Cooler Tote


Just because tailgating is off-limits this year doesn’t mean he can’t prepare for the seasons (or beach trips) to come. Once he removes the portable charcoal grill from this compact tote, he can use it to keep six beers, sodas and other brews cold.

11) Monthly Subscription


For a gift that keeps on giving, sign him up for a monthly sock refresh from Sock Fancy. At the start of each month, he’ll receive a fresh pair of patterned crew or no-show socks, all thanks to you.

12) Smart Plug


If he could have his entire house run by Alexa, he would. Here’s the closest he’ll ever get: Once he sticks these smart plugs in outlets around his house, he can rely on Alexa to turn the lights, TV, and other electronics on and off.

13) Deadbolt Mystery Society Subscription Box


If he can’t help but binge-watch true crime documentaries on Netflix after the kids go to bed, then it’s time he puts his knowledge to use. Each month, this subscription box gives him everything he needs to uncover the truth of a different crime, testing his puzzle-solving and crime-fighting skills.

14) Darth Vader and Son


He’s been dying to share his Star Wars obsession with his kids since day 1, and this book lets him do just that — in an age-appropriate way that they’ll actually understand.

15) Baseball Game


His kids may not have the patience (yet) to sit through a game of baseball, but this wooden game will get the whole family gathered ’round on Saturday night to learn more about America’s favorite pastime.

16) Custom Pint Glass


Every beer drinker needs an official drinking glass. This 16 oz. pint glass can be laser engraved with his initials, first name or last name, so he knows it’s his.

17) Nylon Apple Watch Band


When he wants to dress up his Apple Watch, he can switch out his sport band for this nylon option for a stylish yet understated look. The olive green color is still casual enough to wear daily, though.

18) NFL Throw Blanket


Thanks to you, he can give his man cave the stadium feel he loves so much. Just make sure you know his favorite NFL team before settling on a plush blanket.

19) Cheaters Edition Board Game


Think of this gift as a not-so-subtle way to tell him how you really feel about his Monopoly strategy. At least this version will encourage him to bend the rules without upsetting the entire family.

20) Baby Yoda Mug


Is your brother-in-law a Baby Yoda fan? Then he’ll love this adorable mug, available in five colors. What a cute way to tell him that he’s the best!

21) Self-Care Box


This self-care box, including everything from body butter to loose leaf tea, is a great way for your brother-in-law to relax and pamper himself. You can also add a nice card to make him feel extra special.

22) Personalized Gamer Accessories Holder


Perfect for gamers, this wooden shelf will hold all of their accessories. It can even be personalized for just a few extra dollars.

23) Cooler Chair


If your brother-in-law is an outdoorsy type or just likes to sit in his yard, this camper chair, complete with a cooler and drink holder, is the perfect gift.

24) Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth


Great for the high-tech chef, this smart meat thermometer will help grill or bake their meat to perfection. It’s sure to keep your brother-in-law happy all year long.

25) Beer Cap States Map


Perfect for beer connoisseurs, this beer cap states map allows them to record every beverage they’ve tried. And the best part? It also makes a great kitchen decoration.

26) Men’s Wicked Good Moccasins


These slippers are in high demand every fall season, because they’re simply the best. Made of shearling and a memory foam footbed, these moccasins will keep his feet cozy and comfy.

2) Hot Sauces of America Gift Box


If your brother-in-law is a big fan of hot sauce, he’ll love this gift box. Packed with regional flavors from all over the U.S., it’ll have a prominent space in his kitchen cabinet.

28) Personalized Amp Doormat


Is your brother-in-law still an emo kid at heart? Gift him this personalized amp doormat so he can kick his black Converse sneakers off and listen to his favorite Death Cab for Cutie song.

a plate of food on a table

Kabob Grilling Baskets


If your brother-in-law waits to break out the grill every spring, these kabob grilling baskets will be perfect for him. They’ll carry him from Memorial Day through Labor Day in style.

2) The Reversible Mat 5mm


This popular mat by Lululemon will keep your brother-in-law in the zone, whether he’s a beginner to yoga or doing head stands. It features a supportive rubber base and it’s even reversible, making his yoga sessions just a bit more fun.

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