What happens to the food on MasterChef: The Professionals?

food, what happens to the food on masterchef: the professionals?

The latest saga of the competitive cooking show starts in November. (Picture: BBC)

MasterChef: The Professionals 2022 starts tonight, seeing the return of judges Gregg Wallace and Marcus Wareing – as well as the addition of new judge the acclaimed chef and restaurateur Anna Haugh.

Anna has said: ‘I’m thrilled to join the MasterChef judging team and meet new chefs on new adventures.

‘I’ll be judging the same way I judge my own chefs in my kitchen – I’ll be firm but fair and my expectations are high. I cannot wait to see what this year’s competition is going to bring.’

But as you’re watching these delicious dishes being made, you might be wondering exactly what happens to them once the cameras stop filming.

Well, MasterChef makes it very clear that absolutely no food is wasted after the judges have tested the meals.

We’d all love a taster of the mouth-watering meals, and it seems like the crew is no different.

The culinary delights are left for those operating cameras and directing the show behind the scenes.

So, if the judges fancy polishing off a meal, there’s almost always someone on set who’ll help them out.

food, what happens to the food on masterchef: the professionals?

None of the delicious food that gets created goes to waste. (Picture: BBC)

The show has strict rules about sourcing ingredients, with contestants ‘asked to only order the quantity of ingredients necessary to make the required number of plates of food.’

In addition to saving food by feeding the hungry crew, the BBC website states that the show:

  • Buys in bulk and reuses/restores all dry goods
  • Reuse ingredients across multiple challenges
  • Freezes or refrigerates what perishables they can for later use
  • Anything else, like leftover fruit and veg, is donated to the local food charities or food banks
  • Other leftover organic waste is composted

MasterChef Australia contestant Simon Toohey, a sustainability enthusiast, assured that no food gets wasted.

He told The Project, ‘A lot of the stuff goes to all the secondary charities like OzHarvest, Foodbank, etc and passed on from there if they aren’t used.

‘And then if they are, then they go to the compost or they get spread around to people like us and the crew so there is actually zero waste within the MasterChef kitchen.’

MasterChef: The Professionals 2022 starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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