What Makes Summer In Kazakhstan A Great Time To Take A Trip To The Exotic Land

Decorated with various scenes and stunning environment, Kazakhstan is a nation which has the grandest perspectives. Alongside nature’s fantastic perspectives, the nation is likewise a heaven for the experience addicts. Why not investigate the magnificence of Kazakhstan on a voyage where you rediscover yourself as well?

Climatic quirks are because of the adequacy of the nation. One can encounter every one of the four seasons on the region of Kazakhstan with cold winter, blooming spring, warming summer and red fall. Whether you like climbing, swimming, angling or horseback riding, are simply intrigued by Kazakhstan or have visited the nation in any event once in your life, you no uncertainty realize the country has various exceptional summer get-away goals.

By the start of summer, the nation changes into green land with long bright days. However periodically warmth develops into a dry spell and influences widely varied vegetation. Southern locales of Kazakhstan have more agreeable climate without dry season and outrageous warmth.

Summer In Kazakhstan: Best Time To Visit

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Precisely the summer months in Kazakhstan are from May to September. The temperature during this time is 48⁰ C in the south of the country whereas 38⁰ C in the northern part. The air dampness is low with for the most part breezy and dry climate being established. The hottest month in Kazakhstan is July. The normal July temperature is +19 C in the north (Petropavlovsk) and + 28 to + 30 C in the south (Darbaza). The most astounding temperature in Kazakhstan does not surpass +41 C in the north and +47 C in the south.

Highlights In Kazakhstan’s Summer Climate

explore, travel, destinations, kazakhstan, what makes summer in kazakhstan a great time to take a trip to the exotic land

  • Summer comes toward the beginning of June in the woodland steppe and steppe zones. One can watch frequently rains and solid western breezes in late-spring. The climate in the western steppe zone is generally dry and hot.
  • The repeat of comparative climate in the plain and low slope territories of the eastern piece of the zone equivalents is to 35 – 40%. The climate turns out to be reasonably damp towards the Altai piedmont. The Altai Mountains summer is vigorously blustery and respectably warm in the plain and marsh belt of the Saur and Tarbagatai piedmont statures.
  • Precipitations are to a great degree deficient inside the semi-desert zone in summer. The late spring climate mode shapes in as ahead of schedule as May in the semi-desert zone. Bright dry climates overwhelm beginning the second 50% of May wherever now and then notwithstanding surpassing the July esteems.
  • There are no occasional precipitations at all. The effect of exceptionally dry and hot breezes is seen from the south. The repeat of sweltering and evaporate climates increments to 65 – 70% in the zones of the Usturt Plateau, Betpak Dala, Syrdarya midstream and South Balkhash.
  • Be that as it may, the driest climate is trademark for the Kyzylkum Desert (95% repeat). The constriction of dry climate can be seen amid summer a long time on the Caspian shore. The repeat is seen here of radiant, tolerably moist and damp climates.
  • The midyear climate here is respectably warm and moist with nearby cool mountain-valley winds and regular thunder-storms. Overcast climates in Kazakhstan in summer assume the main job in good country belts.

Summer In Kazakhstan: 5 Places To Visit

Travelling in Kazakhstan is magnificent throughout the year, as each season brings along various delights. Take a look at these places that one must visit during summer holidays in Kazakhstan.

1. Eight Lakes Park Resort

explore, travel, destinations, kazakhstan, what makes summer in kazakhstan a great time to take a trip to the exotic land

Located only a short drive from the city of Almaty, Eight Lakes Park Resort is an excellent family accommodating resort that flaunts numerous courtesies that vacationers love. The principle attraction here is The Beach Club, which includes the biggest swimming pool complex in the CIS and Central Asia. Guests will have the capacity to unwind by the pool in chaise relax seats and exploit VIP tents.

2. Lake Burabay

explore, travel, destinations, kazakhstan, what makes summer in kazakhstan a great time to take a trip to the exotic land

If you’re a nature devotee, at that point you should visit the Burabay Lake in the lower regions of the Kokshe Mountain of Kazakhstan. Encompassed by flawless nature including woods, mountains, and shake arrangements, Lake Burabay is a significant grand spot for a late spring excursion. Here, you can swim in the completely clear waters, go sailing and angling, or spread out and appreciate the daylight.

3. Aktau

explore, travel, destinations, kazakhstan, what makes summer in kazakhstan a great time to take a trip to the exotic land

Aktau, the capital of the Mangystau Region, is known for its dazzling shorelines and incredible climate. Different exercises around the zone incorporate shoreline volleyball, knocking down some pins, pool, saunas, exercise in pool, Turkish showers, and the sky is the limit from there.

4. Bayanaul National Park

explore, travel, destinations, kazakhstan, what makes summer in kazakhstan a great time to take a trip to the exotic land

Bayanaul National Park was Kazakhstan’s first national stop, and all things considered. This zone is known for its dazzling magnificence and grand environment. In summer, Bayanaul National Park encounters sweltering temperatures, making it ideal climate for swimming in the territory’s lakes; Lake Jasybay and Lake Sabyndykol. Vacationers can go angling in Lake Toraygir or Lake Byrzhankol where they can get fish, for example, carp. There are huge amounts of other fun activities here like shake climbing and winged creature viewing.

5. Lake Kapchagay

explore, travel, destinations, kazakhstan, what makes summer in kazakhstan a great time to take a trip to the exotic land

Lake Kapchagay is one of the best goals for Almaty occupants to go in the mid year with the end goal to go swimming, angling, sculling, and the sky is the limit from there. The region is likewise eminent for the Kapchagay Aqua Park, which highlights water slides, pools, and other water related exercises. So, if you’re in mood for some water activities, make sure you try all of these while you’re out and about in this scenic land! Are you ready for it yet?

Summer Celebrations In Kazakhstan

explore, travel, destinations, kazakhstan, what makes summer in kazakhstan a great time to take a trip to the exotic land

Kazakhstan has got many festivals in the summer, so visitors can also their culture while traveling.

  • Victory Day: 9th May the win of Soviet Union over Germany is celebrated this day.
  • Capital City Day: 6th July the birthday of the president Nazarbayev is celebrated in the country.
  • Labour Day: 1st May is celebrated as the Kazakhstan Nations Unity Holiday and marches are done in honor of them.

Some other festivals like Almaty apple festival and Astana International Contest of Kazakh Song are celebrated wherein the former the rich apples of Kazakhstan are in display and in the second one cultural side of people comes out. Kazakhstan Golf Open is an interesting event that takes place in Kazakhstan during summer.
Biker celebration ‘Protect Balkhash’, Four E, Chabana Festival and Khan Tengri Mountain Festival are some other popular festivals that are celebrated during summer in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is a very beautiful country with its own kind of natural sceneries and other culture. Some places just shine and are very enjoyable during this time. The country also has some amazing places to visit during the summer and some interesting cultural festival too.

With this we arrive at a finish of the rundown; however, the excellence that Kazakhstan offers goes past our ability to express. We should welcome the season summer with open arms and plan an international trip to Kazakhstan presently to take the joy of what this lovely nation views by trekking down its valleys and mountains.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Summer In Kazakhstan

What is the climate of Kazakhstan?

The climate as well as the average weather in Kazakhstan is extremely continental as well as very dry. Kazakhstan also is hot in summers and cold in winters, the hottest month in Kazakhstan is July where the temperature is at its highest and the hottest month in the mountain regions has to be August where it is the hottest.

Is Kazakhstan hot or cold?

Kazakhstan has a continental climate. In the summers, the temperature can be on average more than 30 °C and in the winters, it goes down to −20 °C.

What is the best time to visit Kazakhstan?

The most ideal time to visit Kazakhstan is in the months of July to August when the weather is really perfect all through the country.

Is Kazakhstan dangerous to visit?

Kazakhstan is changing very rapidly. The areas that were once considered dangerous ten years ago are now safe enough for the foreigners to visit. So Kazakhstan is now a safe place to visit.

Does it rain in Kazakhstan?

The rainfall is about 165 mm in Kazakhstan, you don’t get enough sun in winters here but the summers are quite sunny.

What is Kazakhstan famous for?

Kazakhstan is famous for oil and the black gold. Also, it has Baikonor that happens to be the largest and the first space launch complex of the world.

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