When Your Charge Is Gone These PHEVs Have the Best Non-Electric Gas Mileage

With a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) car, you get the best of both worlds. Whenever the electric charge runs out, a good model gives you a smooth transition into gas-operated power. Most PHEVs also have enough range for a typical work commute, keeping your fuel costs at a minimum. However, some plug-in hybrids actually lose efficiency once the gas power kicks in. If you’re worried about a longer commute, check out these 10 PHEVs offering the best gas mileage.

10. 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV

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2022 Hyundai Santa Fe | Hyundai Motor Company.

According to Consumer Reports, the Santa Fe PHEV gets 33 mpg combined city/highway. The site recommends the hybrids over the gas-operated model if you want a more pleasant driving experience. This midsize SUV also provides plenty of tech features, including wireless smartphone integration.

9. 2022 Lincoln Corsair AWD PHEV

This vehicle gets the same mileage as the Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV but comes with a more powerful engine. The 266-hp four-cylinder gives the Lincoln Corsair competitive acceleration and some fun handling. The luxury Lincoln Corsair also has a stunning interior, though CR notes some of this SUV’s seats are more comfortable than others.

8. 2022 Kia Sorento PHEV

In addition to getting 34 mpg combined city/highway, the Kia Sorento PHEV has a comfortable ride and standard all-wheel drive. However, despite having 261 hp on tap, it can tow only 1,654 pounds. Cargo space behind the third row is also limited, but at least the Sorento has a lot of passenger space.

7. 2022 Hyundai Tucson PHEV

I really like the bold, out-there @Hyundai_UK Tucson design. It is mad, but also damn practical. This is the PHEV, because it says so on the boot. Imagine if the Ford Mach-E front end looked like this?

— Jonny Smith (@Carpervert) November 23, 2021

The Hyundai Tucson PHEV makes 35 mpg combined city/highway and gets a glowing recommendation from Consumer Reports. Testers enjoyed their time driving the Tucson and praised its polished interior design. All the standard controls are user-friendly, and the infotainment interface operates smoothly.

6. 2022 Lexus NX 450h+ AWD

This luxury SUV makes 36 mpg combined city/highway. The Lexus NX 450h+ also boasts a luxury interior and a relatively affordable price tag compared to rivals. Still, the hybrid version suffers from a finicky brake pedal and requires more stopping distance. Though CR didn’t test the plug-in version, there’s a good chance it might have similar issues.

5. 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime 4WD

And now for the Toyota RAV4 Prime, Toyota's second-fastest vehicle. Enjoy!

— Doug DeMuro (@DougDeMuro) May 4, 2021

The RAV4 Prime gets 38 mpg combined, plus an impressive 0–60-mph acceleration time of 6.3 seconds. It exhibits some body lean and long braking distances, but the ride always stays compliant. The interior is fancier than the regular RAV4, but CR wished the seats were more supportive.

4. 2022 Ford Escape FWD PHEV

The Ford Escape PHEV gets 40 mpg combined and packs y a 221-hp four-cylinder engine. CR reported no problems with the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and appreciated this vehicle’s balanced handling. This vehicle also has a confident brake pedal, a nice interior, and many intuitive tech features.

3. 2022 Kia Niro PHEV

Kia Announces $33,740 Starting Price For Niro PHEV

— CleanTechnica (@cleantechnica) October 11, 2022

The Kia Niro PHEV gets 46 mpg combined, and its small size makes it easy to park. CR says the cargo hold is surprisingly functional for a compact crossover. This model also has 180 hp on tap, giving it 41 extra ponies over the gas-only version.

2. 2022 Hyundai Ioniq PHEV

The Hyundai Ioniq PHEV boasts 52 mpg combined, though CR says the hatchback’s ride leaves a lot to be desired. The interior gets noisy, the suspension isn’t very absorbent, and drivers will feel a lot of body roll around corners. The Ioniq’s interior quality and seat comfort levels are only average, at least by CR’s standards.

1. 2022 Toyota Prius Prime

With 54 mpg combined, the 2022 Toyota Prius Prime is the most efficient PHEV without electric assistance. It’s also reliable, affordable, and charges quickly on a basic 120V connection. Still, CR warns that heavy acceleration or cold weather can quickly deplete the electric range.

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