Where to stay in Jomalig Island

I’ve been to Jomalig Island twice and I can say that it is still my favorite island.  It is an island municipality off the coast of Real, Quezon which is a 5 to 6-hour boat ride. Jomalig is part of the Polillo Group of Islands which includes Burdeos, Polillo, and Patnanungan. Travel time by boat going to the island cand be tough to some, imagine 5 hours, but nature,  unspoiled beaches of Jomalig is worth it.

Over the past years, readers have been asking me what’s my recommended places to stay in Jomalig. Well, of course, I have consistently referred them to the resort where we stayed. But in this blog post, I will share with you more details about these recommended resorts as well as some information about other resorts on the island.

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I have always been recommending SPIR or  South Pacific Island Resort whenever someone asks about any resorts in Jomalig. We’ve had a great time there with the very warm and accommodating owners – Nanay Thelma and her family. There is no posh hotel and accommodations on the island, mostly simple ones that let you connect with nature. These are basic and rustic, but these can give you your much-needed relaxation surrounded by warm people, the locals of Jomalig are some of the kindest people I’ve met during travels.

SPIR or South Pacific Island Resort

We stayed for 3 days at SPIR during our first visit to the island. It was just a 500 per night room, a fan room but you’ve got nothing to worry about the ventilation because we just opened the window and the natural breeze of the ocean gave us our much needed cool temperature.

explore, travel, where to stay in jomalig island

They also have other forms of accommodation such as the Bahay Kubo, Cabana and Tent Pitching. I’ve seen all these accommodations and they’re all pretty good, especially the Cabanas. We even sat there once and relaxed since there were no guests at that time. Below are the rates.

  • Bahay Kubo (max of 5 people) – Php500/night
  • Bahay Kubo (max of 15 people) – Php1000/night
  • Tent Pitching (own tent) – Php150/night
  • Cavana (for a larger group) – Php1,500/night

It is a beachfront property with amazing views of the beach under the shade of thick coconut trees.  There is also a nearby sandbar that is visible during low tide. Also, you need not worry about food. The resort is offering a 100 per meal mostly of seafood and unli-rice for their guests.

One of the best things about SPIR is the warmth of the owners. Nanay Thelma and her family will really make you feel at home. To book with SPIR, contact Nanay Thelma by calling these numbers.

  • Globe – 0916280 015
  • Smart – 0907828 5161
  • Facebook Page: SPIR Jomalig

Jojomalig Resort

On our second visit to Jomalig Island, we stayed at Jojomalig Resort. I’ve read some good reviews about this resort and how accommodating the owner is – that’s Kuya Jojo.

We visited Jomalig this time as part of a group that explored Burdeos, Quezon and the rest of the Polillo Islands. Our last stop was Jomalig for an overnight stay.

explore, travel, where to stay in jomalig island

Jojomalig also has a perfect beachfront location. This time, we tried the tent accommodation. Of course, this is the cheapest option. But you can also try their Nipa Huts. There is a bigger one for only PHP 1000 good for 4 persons, and also the smaller Nipa hut for PHP 500, good for 2 persons.

You can also try their food service for an affordable price depending on the dish. The huge sugpo or  Asian tiger prawn is a little bit expensive which is understandable. You will also have a great time staying at Jojomalig Resort.

Contact Details
Jojomalig Resort
Number: 09053716169
Facebook Page: Jojomalig Resort 

Other Resorts in Jomalig

One thing that I noticed about Jomalig is the camaraderie of the locals, and that also shows within the owners of resorts there. There are times when a resort is full, they would be willing to refer guests to other resorts. They are really helping one another. Just in case you need other resorts in Jomalig, here are some and their contact numbers.

explore, travel, where to stay in jomalig island

  • Bananas Resort Jomalig- contact 09494583724
  • Apple Beach Resort Jomalig – contact 09106597361 / 09157992954
  • Tejada’s  Resort Jomallig- contact 09075375234
  • Balwarte Farm & Resort – 09094835485
  • Caparas Beach Resort – 09299573655
  • Kadena Beach Resort – 09097755317
  • Villa Corazon – 09195263502
  • Tato Farm & Beach Resort – 09174537360
  • Tapado Beach Resort – 09216759983
  • Purakay Beach Resort – 09108316888
  • Lolita Beach Resort – 09108623231
  • L & J Beach Resort – 09186565477
  • Jojomaligaya Beach Resort – 09478919617

Where is Jomalig Island?

Jomalig is one of the farthest island municipality of Quezon Province which is about 75 nautical miles (139 km) southeast of Polillo Islands. This is roughly about 5 hours of sea travel from Real, Quezon. There are also other alternatives of going to Jomalig like via Atimonan, Quezon and Panganiban, Camarines Sur. In case there’s no boat going to Jomalia at Ungos Port in Real, you can take the boat going to Patnaungan Island, a nearby island of Jomalig, then charter a boat going to Jomalig.

Jomalig Map

For more details about Jomalig, check this Travel Guide:  Jomalig Island Travel Guide