Where to Stay in Sayulita: The BEST Hotels & Areas

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

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A small fishing community 42 kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita is the ideal location for anybody who appreciates the small-town vibes and stunning beach scenery. It offers everything from world-class surfing and snorkeling to horseback riding and jungle hiking, all in one convenient location.

But apart from the standard amenities that you’ll usually find in a tourist town, Sayulita is also brimming with bohemian charm. It’s so special that the Mexican government designated it as a “Pueblo Magico,” an exclusive title for Mexico’s most enchanting towns.

This is why Sayulita attracts a large number of people every year. So if you’re looking forward to visiting this beach town, it’s a good idea to start narrowing down the Sayulita hotels you’d want to stay in. You see, although it’s a small town, getting around is time-consuming, so you want to choose the right area for your holiday.

However, deciding where to stay in Sayulita is not an easy task. There are just so many lovely boutique hotels to pick from. In fact, Sayulita used to be a “backpacker only” destination full of budget-friendly accommodation. But today, there are also luxury hotels for those looking for the finer things, making choosing even harder.

Since it’s pretty daunting to pick the right hotel, I did the legwork for you. In this post, I’ll give you a rundown of the best areas in town and a list of my favorite hotels to help you decide where to stay in Sayulita.

What are the Best Areas to Stay in Sayulita, Mexico

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

The downtown area is small, vibrant, and busy. For those reasons, many people choose to stay on the hills surrounding the downtown area.

Sayulita is well-known for its bohemian vibe and great surf waves year-round, drawing a variety of travelers, ex-pats, and local surfers alike, even during the slow season. To accommodate these frequent visitors, there have been plenty of hotels and boutique stays popping up around the town.

This wide selection of Sayulita hotels can be too overwhelming for first-time visitors, who still aren’t sure where to stay in Sayulita. But no worries, this guide will tell you exactly what to expect in this coastal town and where to find the best hotels.

Travelers visiting Sayulita can either stay right in the downtown area near the beach or on the outskirts of the town on the surrounding hills.

The town center is where all the action is as this is the one closest to the beach. However, it’s super tiny, so you’ll find limited accommodation choices here. Meanwhile, staying outside the town will give you the peace and quiet you’re craving for, and it has some of the best hotels in Sayulita. But because the area is hilly, it’s a good idea to rent a golf cart to get around.

Read on to see which of these two areas is the right one for your vacation.

Staying in Downtown Sayulita

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Downtown Sayulita is beautiful!

Sayulita’s downtown area is centered around the central plaza and beach, home to all the main restaurants, bars, and hotels. This means that you’re only a walking distance from the beach, the nightlife, the main attractions in town, and even the bus station.

This may sound attractive to those who love exploring on foot. But it’s important to note that when night comes, this area can get really busy and noisy. If you’re not bothered by the late-night noise and loves staying close to the beach, though, this is for you!

Advantages to staying in downtown Sayulita:

  • Walking distance to must-try local shops, restaurants, and cafes.
  • You can go for a swim any time of day since it’s super close to the beach.
  • No need to rent golf carts for travel.
  • Lively nightlife.

Disadvantages of staying in downtown Sayulita:

  • Expensive
  • Not all hotels have beautiful views
  • Noisy and busy, especially at night. 
  • Limited accommodations since the town is very small

5 BEST Hotels in downtown Sayulita (for all budgets!)

$$$ – Hotel Ysuri Sayulita

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Hotel Ysuri Sayulita

If you’re visiting Sayulita and want to experience a luxurious stay, then look no further than Hotel Ysuri. A beachfront property with an in-house restaurant and bar, Hotel Ysuri Sayulita is dedicated to making your vacation worthwhile.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking views of the ocean and the garden. Soak up the sun on your private balcony as you feel the fresh sea breeze on your face. Some rooms here also come complete with a kitchen outfitted with an oven, fridge, and microwave, so you can prep your own meals.

But beyond the impressive views and en-suite conveniences, what will really make you fall in love with Hotel Ysuri is its location. It’s only less than three blocks away from the downtown area while still feeling private. You’re also just a one-minute walk away to Sayulita Beach and about five minutes on foot to Playa Los Muertos.

If you don’t feel like exploring the area, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of things to do within the property! Enjoy a dip in the infinity pool with the ocean right in front of you, and indulge in a massage at the hotel.

Room rates here range from $100 to $220 USD per night, with a continental or à la carte breakfast already included. It’s easily one of the best places to stay in Sayulita, and if you stay here, you’re sure to be impressed by this luxurious hotel.

$$$ – Villa Amor

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Villa Amor Sayulita

What sets Villa Amor apart from the other accommodation providers in Sayulita is its unique hilltop villas that will surely be the next subject of your Instagram photos. Each of the 23 villas here is individually outfitted with eclectic decor, dreamy outdoor showers, and a jungle canopy. What’s more, you can always wake up to the awe-inspiring view of the ocean right from your bedroom.

But if you really want to make the most out of your stay in Villa Amor, make sure to book a villa with private plunge pools. This way, you can enjoy a romantic sunset dip with your significant other while downing a glass bottle of champagne. It’s also a good idea to rent one of the golf carts offered by the hotel since walking to your hilltop villa will literally take your breath away (there are just too many stairs!).

Villa Amor is just a stone’s throw away from the popular Playa de Los Muertos and Carricito Beach, so you can go for a swim whenever. It’s also close to the main town square, making every town amenities within easy reach.

After a day of exploring the area, dig into one of the tasty dishes at the hotel’s oceanfront restaurant and bar or enjoy an on-site massage at the jungle spa. There’s also an open-air yoga studio and a saltwater pool on the property.

The average rate here starts at $180 USD per night. Check availability for Villa Amor online here.

$$ – Sayulita Central Hotel

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Sayulita Central Hotel

Sayulita Central Hotel is one of the first accommodation providers in Sayulita. But you can’t actually tell even though its original structure and historical design remain untouched!

It’s because the rooms here come with a modern feel and have been decorated with an airy bohemian style. In some rooms, you’ll also have access to a private balcony, where you can enjoy the romantic view of the ocean.

One thing to note about Sayulita Central Hotel, though, is that while there is air conditioning and free Wi-Fi in its accommodations, there are no TVs to immerse you better in your vacation. After all, you wouldn’t stay here to just “Netflix & Chill,” right?

The hotel is also within the so-called “tourist zone,” so expect some nights to be noisy. If you’re a light sleeper, make sure to pack some earplugs. On the bright side, the hotel’s location puts you just a couple of steps away from Sayulita Beach and the main plaza! You can also walk to Carricitos Beach within 15 minutes.

When it comes to things to do in Sayulita, Sayulita Central Hotel has made it easy for you to have the best vacation. You’ll find concierge services and a tour desk right on the property, ready to assist you with booking activities like deep-sea fishing and snorkeling. If it’s a relaxing trip you’re looking for, the staff can suggest some quiet beaches and massages in town.

Book a room here for as low as $100 USD per night with breakfast is already included. Check availability and book Sayulita Central Hotel online here!

$$ – Selina

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Selina Sayulita

Offering a wide selection of rooms and suites, Selina is one of the best hotels in Sayulita for those on a budget. You can get a single bed in the dorms for as low as $19 USD per night, or if you want something more private, their Standard Room only averages $92 per night.

The rooms come complete with pool views, too, so you’ll have an Instagrammable background right from your bedroom. Most are also outfitted with refrigerators and microwaves in case you want to make your own meal or heat up leftovers.

If you don’t feel like cooking, head down to the outdoor pool, where you can have coffee and a small breakfast buffet every morning. The pool also comes complete with poolside loungers, making it a great spot to hang out and chill. At the end of the day, you can go to the rooftop terrace that overlooks the ocean to witness Sayulita’s romantic sunset.

But beyond its rooftop terrace and comfy dorm rooms, Selina boasts its central location that is just one block away from the beach and two blocks from the town square. This puts you within easy reach of the restaurants and nightlife.

The Selina Sayulita is often fully booked, so be sure to book in advance. You can book the Selina on Booking.com or Hostelworld.

$ – La Redonda Sayulita Hostal

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: La Redonda Sayulita Hostal

If I can only name one thing I love about La Redonda Sayulita Hostel, it’s that it is dedicated to making your stay in Sayulita one to remember. You see, although its rooms are relatively basic, staying here is actually an experience in itself.

They arrange trips to the popular surfing beaches nearby, particularly to Punta de Burro, La Lancha, and El Anclote in Punta de Mita. There are also weekly mountaineering trips to Monkey Mountain and available surf lessons with the in-house teachers.

If you’re more interested in a staycation rather than an outdoor adventure, La Redonda has your back, too. Bring your yoga mat and join the yoga classes organized every two days. If you’re a dancer, feel free to take salsa, cumbia, and Bachata classes and bring your groove onto the hostel’s lobby that becomes a dance floor every night.

There are also other nightly activities available like karaoke, sports games, and card tournaments. If aren’t up for any of these, you can just chill in the bar or in the shared lounge, where you can socialize with the other guests.

Another major thing to note about La Redonda is that it’s located a few steps away from Sayulita Beach and about a 20-minute walk to Escondida Beach and Carricitos Beach. Since you’re in the heart of Sayulita, you’re not far away from many convenience stores and supermarkets, authentic Mexican restaurants, and the town’s busiest bars.

The hotel offers rooms starting at $15 USD per night, inclusive of a continental or an American breakfast.

Be sure to book La Redonda well in advance to secure your room, you can do this on Booking.com or Hostelworld.

Staying on the Outskirts of Sayulita

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Renting a golf cart is a great way to get around if you’re not staying in downtown Sayulita.

Sure, staying in the downtown area is convenient as you’re a walk away from the best restaurants and shops. But you can’t deny how uncomfortably noisy things can get at night and how busy town always is.

If you’re a light sleeper who prefers being close to nature than to the city, then the outskirts of Sayulita is the best place for you. This area isn’t really that far off from the town center as you’re still within a few-minute drive away.

But beyond the peace and quiet and being secluded in nature, what makes the outskirts a must-consider place when choosing where to stay in Sayulita is the impressive selection of Sayulita hotels you can find here. In fact, most of the hotels come with breathtaking views and large pools.

However, the downside is that you’re quite a ways away from the beach, and you’ll most likely need to rent a golf cart to help you get around the area quickly.

Advantages of staying just outside of Sayulita town:

  • Spectacular, must-not-miss views.
  • You’ll be one with nature and wake up to the sounds of birds chirping.
  • The price of hotels is relatively cheaper. 

Disadvantages of staying just outside of Sayulita town:

  • There are no bars, restaurants, or stores nearby.
  • Getting to the beach is quite a hassle.
  • Hard to get around without transport.

The BEST Hotels on the Outskirts of Sayulita

$$$ – Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas

Transforming a jungly location into a luxurious but laid-back staycation for visitors, Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas is definitely one of the best hotels in Sayulita that you should try.

For starters, the views here are nothing short of breathtaking. Since this secluded hotel is perched on a lush hill overlooking Sayulita Beach, you’ll have a panoramic view of the sea and the village framed by rolling green hills.

The hotel’s array of recreational amenities is also a major plus. Dip in the sea-facing pool while you soak in the beauty of the surrounding garden. Make sure to grab a drink at the cocktail bar, too, while you’re at it.

Although there isn’t a restaurant on-site, you can have your complimentary breakfast in the common area, outfitted with a kitchen and dining table. A private chef is also available to prepare dinner for you. You can then end your day with a relaxing massage or yoga lesson.

After a fun-filled day out in Sayulita, your luxury thatched-roof suites will welcome you with open arms. Each bungalow villa is decorated to make you feel like you’re one with the jungle. They also come complete with floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto a private balcony overlooking the beach.

One major downside of Siete Lunas, though, is its remote location. It’s about a 15-minute walk to the downtown area, where the shops and restaurants are. If you hate walking, make sure you grab yourself a rental golf cart.

Rooms here come with an average rate of $252 USD to $315 per night.

Siete Lunas is a boutique hotel, meaning only a few rooms are available and they are often fully booked. Be sure to book Siete Luna online in advance here.

If you love a relaxing atmosphere, be sure to check out the nearby quiet town of San Pancho!

$$ – Hotelito Los Sueños

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Hotelito Los Sueños

At an average rate of $80 USD for a Double Standard Room, you’ll surely get your bang for the buck at Hotelito Los Sueños. This laid-back hotel sits just 200 meters from the beach, so you’ll always be just a five-minute away from the waves.

One thing I like about Hotelito Los Suenos, is that although you’re not technically in downtown Sayulita, you are still only a short walk away. You’ll be about 800 meters from the plaza, which is easily walkable, but still far enough from the noise and hustle and bustle.

Your room comes with its own charm. It is stylishly furnished with traditional Mexican decor but with modern touches like ceramic tile floors and unique furnishings. Unfortunately, there are no TVs available in the rooms, but you won’t be staying inside all day anyway as Hotelito Los Sueños has plenty of activities up its sleeve.

Up for some open-air yoga classes? The hotel’s in-house instructors are always ready to get you into your zen mode. After your class, dip in one of the two on-site pools. You can also grab a smoothie at the bar to get your energies up and make your way to the sun terrace to soak in the last rays of the day. If you want a more relaxing way to end the day, you can request an in-house massage therapist.

You can check availability at Hotelito Los Suenos online here for your stay in Sayulita.

$ – Hostal Tortuga

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Hostal Tortuga

Boasting an atmosphere that feels like home, Hostal Tortuga offers humble accommodations in Sayulita. You have nine rooms to choose from, some of which are appointed with a seating area and air conditioning for your convenience. Make sure you get a room with a pool view, too!

After waking up, enjoy a hearty breakfast right at the hotel for a surcharge. You can then venture to the downtown area, where all the action is. You’ll be about a 600-meter walk from the plaza or about 700 meters from the beach. Although a short walk, it is a hill so that’s something to keep in mind.

If you prefer to stay in, the shared lounge and outdoor pool are always open to help you unwind. You can even play table tennis to get some exercise. At the end of the day, head to the rooftop area to watch the sunset or do some yoga.

Room rates here start at $69 USD per night with dorm beds for as little as $17 per night. You can book Hostel Tortuga online in advance, it often is fully booked well in advance.

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BEST Holiday Homes in Sayulita

While there are dozens of couples who visit Sayulita for a beach getaway, there are also plenty of guests who travel in groups. Whether they’re visiting for a family vacation or a work-related excursion, more often than not, they prefer booking entire apartments or holiday homes, and for a good reason.

The holiday homes in Sayulita offer more than just space and completely furnished units; they provide privacy to the groups. Below are three great choices for holiday home rentals you can find for your stay in Sayulita.

$$$ – Villas Piedra Blanca

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Villas Piedra Blanca

So you’re looking forward to a luxurious vacation in Sayulita with your family but aren’t sure if any of the hotels in the downtown area can accommodate your entire party. Have no fear, as Villas Piedra Blanca got you covered.

Sitting on the north end of town, this private gated estate features two luxury villas (Casa Piedra Azul and Casa Roca) that can house a total of up to 16 guests on a land measuring 20,000 square feet. So whether you’re hosting a work retreat or a family wedding, you can never go wrong with Villas Piedra Blanca.

Each casa is well-appointed to cater to your big party. You have a spacious living room with a satellite TV, where you can gather and chit-chat. There is also a fully equipped kitchen complete with top-of-the-line appliances plus a BBQ area should you prefer to cook your meals instead of going out. As the cherry on top, you’ll wake up to panoramic views of the open ocean and Sayulita’s surf breakpoint.

But beyond the convenience of these well-furnished homes, what will really make you fall in love with this estate is the beautiful landscaping done on the property and the luxurious amenities available right at your fingertips. Enjoy a relaxing swim in one of the three impressive infinity pools that overlook the ocean. There’s also a large outdoor entertainment area to accommodate your events.

In terms of location, you’ll surely be far from the hustle and bustle of the noisy downtown, but you’ll have easy access to the beaches. The main Sayulita Beach is just five minutes away on foot, while North Sayulita Beach is less than a 15-minute walk away.

You can choose to book only four bedrooms (the entire Casa Piedra Azul) for as low as $650 USD per night. Five and six-bedroom options are also available for $800 and $950 per night, respectively. If you choose to book the entire estate, that will be roughly $1,100 USD per night.

You can check availability and book Villas Piedra Blanca online here.

$$ –  Casa Kanelo 

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Casa Kanelo

Casa Kanelo is the perfect definition of a fully-furnished vacation home that wouldn’t break your bank. Your room is equipped with all the standard amenities you can expect, including a cozy living room with a flat-screen TV, a kitchen with a coffee maker, refrigerator, and microwave, and a private bathroom with a hairdryer.

If you love eating under the stars, you’ll be glad to know that some units here also have an outdoor dining area. How romantic!

One thing I also love about Casa Kanelo is that even though it’s only a seven-minute walk from the town center, it isn’t very crowded. In fact, you can enjoy the beach and the outdoor pool here all by yourself during the slow season.

Prices start at $233 USD per night. You can check availability and book Casa Kanelo online here.

$ – Mango Doce 

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Mango Doce

sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Photo Credit: Mango Doce

While Mango Doce seems just like your regular apartment at first look, it’s actually one of the coziest places you can stay in Sayulita.

You have three accommodation options to choose from in this Sayulita hotel: a Double Room, Studio, and Apartment. Each of the units comes complete with free WiFi, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV. Every morning, you can enjoy the relaxing view of the surrounding garden from your private balcony as you sip a cup of joe.

What I like most about Mango Doce is that it puts you within walking distance of the must-see landmarks. You’re only a ten-minute walk to Islas Marietas Museum, an 11-minute walk to Sayulita Beach, and a 15-minute walk to the San Pancho Bird Observatory!

Rooms are available here for $79 USD per night. You can check availability and book Mago Doce online here.

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sayulita, where to stay in sayulita: the best hotels & areas

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Sayulita as much as I did!

A small town in Nayarit offering a fun combination of nature and activities, Sayulita is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting towns in the region.

If you’re already planning on visiting this quirky coastal town, then you’re probably aware that there are plenty of Sayulita hotels to choose from. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the best hotel for you. But no matter where you decide to book, one thing’s for sure: you will have a fantastic stay in this laid-back surf town.

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