Why It Pays To Soak Shredded Cabbage In Water

food, why it pays to soak shredded cabbage in water

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According to The Indy, the world has enjoyed cabbage since ancient times. And in the 3,000-or-so years that it’s been supercharging our diets with vitamin K and C (per Healthline), cabbage has been touted as everything from a symbol of wealth in China (per Pearl River) to a way to fend off gout in Rome.

While we no longer look to these leafy greens to cure diseases or represent wealth in modern times, cabbages are still a popular ingredient for adding tasty health benefits to our favorite meals. And shredded cabbage is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to prepare and eat this centuries-old vegetable.

However, whether you love to put shredded cabbage in your tacos or you prefer to fry the veggie up Southern style, you need to know that there is a cooking tip that will help you upgrade the way you eat your leafy greens. Here’s why simply soaking shredded cabbage in water will make a major difference in the taste of your cobb salad.

Soak Your Shredded Cabbage In Water For A Better Tasting Coleslaw

food, why it pays to soak shredded cabbage in water

two heads of cabbage dripping water

As much as you may love shredded cabbage, you may also notice that this freshly cut vegetable tends to wilt fast — which can seriously put a damper on your stir fry. Not to mention, that while cabbage has a dark, earthy flavor going for it, it also has a powerful aftertaste.

However, there is a way to make your shredded cabbage stay fresh longer while cutting back on its stronger underlying flavor at the same time. As you may have already guessed, Bon Appétit reports that letting your finely shredded veggie soak in water is the secret to keeping shredded cabbage crispy and mellowing out its overpowering undertones.

According to the site, you only need to soak your shredded greens in a cold water bath to keep their taste delightfully crispy and light. Taste of Home recommends that after cutting your cabbage you allow it to soak in your refrigerator up until the minute you’re prepared to serve it. This will ensure your cabbage never has a chance to go stale.

All the same, it’s important to note that both Bon Appetit and Taste of Home report that you need to properly drain your soaked shredded cabbage before throwing it in your coleslaw. But once you get into the habit of soaking and drying this time-tested veggie before using it in your recipe, your favorite cabbage-centric dishes will always taste deliciously fresh and airy.

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