Why You Don't Always Need A Special Pan To Make A Tart

food, why you don't always need a special pan to make a tart

lemon tart surrounded by lemons

A pastry that’s as sweet as sugar and as light as a feather, tarts are a delectable treat that can be baked up for any season. For example, are you looking to bring a berry sweet dessert to a summer tea party? You can try creating a tart infused with strawberries and rhubarbs for a sweet that will help you make the most of summer. Or maybe you want to wow your Friendsgiving guests? Because Food and Wine’s Brown Sugar-Cranberry Tart’s autumn-inspired flavors make it the perfect Turkey Day dessert.

But no matter what type of tart you choose to bake, you will always make one part of the dish the same way — and that’s its special crust. As the Kitchn notes, a unique open topped crust is what makes a tart a tart. And much like other treats that require a certain shape like bundt cake and pound cake, many chefs who love to make this pastry have stocked their homes with special tart crust pans. However, one Instagram user has recently let at-home bakers in on a very important secret. As it turns out, you don’t need to have a special pan to make a tart for your next dinner party. Here’s why.

Use A Round Cake Pan To Make A Tart Crust

food, why you don't always need a special pan to make a tart

a chocolate cake in a round cake pan

Instagram user nasredine_ben is a self-proclaimed pastry chef based in France, the same country tarts originate from per Telly Visions. And according to one of the cook’s posts, you don’t have to buy a special pan to make a tart crust because you can make it just as well with a round cake baking dish. Because a round cake pan is already the right shape for a tart it acts like a reversed tart pan. You only need to use the back of it to achieve a perfect tart crust shape.

In the video nasredine_ben posted on his account, he took users through the process of this crispy tart baking method. First, you’ll need to spread the pre-prepared dough across the back of a pan doused with cooking spray. Don’t forget that Pretty Simple Sweet notes you should always freeze your crust dough at least 30 minutes before baking it. This won’t only make sure your dough doesn’t shrink while baking, but will also help it maintain its shape when you stick it on the back of your pan.

Next, you will need to pat down the edges evenly over the cake pan to create a perfect tart crust shape. Then you only have to bake your tart dough, carefully slip the pan out of your crust, fill it with a delicious lemon or pumpkin puree filling, and dine on a beautiful tart.

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