Why you should rent a long-term apartment in Miami as a traveler

More and more travelers are choosing slow travel. Exploring one location longer, and immersing in its culture deeper rather than the usual weekend getaway where we squeeze in our limited time exploring just a few tourist spots. People are opting for more meaningful and purposeful travel.

Time has also changed. The recent pandemic has turned the world upside down, not only the way we travel but also the way we work. Many are now working remotely, enjoying location independence and flexibility. Now, employees are able to work, travel, and stay wherever they want as long as there is a reliable internet connection.

Miami is definitely one of the top choices of many travelers and remote workers in the US and in the world. With its diverse Latin culture, the city offers a different vibe worthy of exploring. Staying in Miami lets you experience cultural diversity but also lets you taste some of the most delicious food in the world. It’s a foodie paradise with a Latin twist! You can find here many awesome restaurants and street food originated from the Caribbean to Central and South America.

explore, travel, why you should rent a long-term apartment in miami as a traveler

Photo by Antonio Cuellar on Unsplash

I’m not even talking about the pristine beaches and the warm temperature yet. Miami has world-class beaches, offering a variety of activities such as outside gym classes, volleyball games, and stunning sun-bathing spots. When it comes to nature, well Miami boasts as the only US city nestled in between two national parks – the Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park. The nature here is just wild and wonderful.

Traveling in Miami is awesome. And with its culture, food, beaches, and nature, this is definitely the perfect city to explore and stay long term.

Why it’s better to stay long-term in Miami?

It’s definitely the cost.

With all the awesome things that Miami has to offer, staying in the city long-term is worth it and way cheaper. Having a long-term lease for an apartment for a year or more is more affordable than paying daily, weekly, or monthly for a shorter period of time since your landlord perceives you as a committed tenant.

The latest data by Zumper shows that the average monthly rent for a studio apartment is $1,700. While a 1-bedroom apartment costs $2,200 a month. With a long-term stay, you can get these prices and with proper negotiation skills, even lower!

explore, travel, why you should rent a long-term apartment in miami as a traveler

Photo by Ryan Parker on Unsplash

How to search for good apartments

Of course, there are many considerations before deciding on the right apartment, like the neighborhood. You can get help from your contacts and friends to look for an apartment once you decide on which place in Miami you wanted to stay. Some people are even getting the service of property consultants. Looking for reputable ones is another story.

If you feel it’s difficult to look for that perfect Miami apartment, don’t lose hope. You can find a reliable apartment search source to get you started. One of the most popular online apartment search resources is Zumper, which is trusted by millions of tenants and renters.

Zumper makes searching for an apartment way easier. With its user-friendly apartment search portal, you can search based on location, price range, specifications, and amenities. This makes everything faster.

After having a list of potential properties, you can weigh in your options before deciding on the apartment of your choice.

If you’re a remote worker or a traveler who wants to travel slow and explore Miami, take note of these tips. These will make your apartment hunting in the city easier and more convenient.