Wild Goat With Huge Horns Lets Itself Into Couple's Hotel Room: Video

food, wild goat with huge horns lets itself into couple's hotel room: video

Above, a Nubian Ibex is pictured in the Israeli city of Mitzpe Ramon. A video showing an ibex inside a couple’s hotel room has gone viral on TikTok.

A couple relaxing in their hotel room in Israel was stunned to find an unexpected guest had let itself in—an ibex.

“I had just opened the door and this ibex welcomed itself into our room,” read the caption of @evanleighk’s video on TikTok, which was viewed nearly 4 million times. “My husband and I were still in bed.”

Standing just across the room was the wild goat as it surveyed the room.

According to the San Diego Zoo, these horns can grow up to four feet and are used for defense and to “impress females.”

“Incredibly agile, ibex spend their time in step mountainous terrain, which would normally be dangerous for other wildlife,” zoo officials reported. “However, ibex move up and down the precipitous cliffs with ease, which plays a big part in predator avoidance.”

They are often found on rocky, desert mountains in parts of Egypt, Sudan and Israel, however, it is not likely there are more than 5,000 mature ibex living in their natural habitat.

The ibex seen in the video glanced around the room as @evanleighk’s husband tried to tell it to leave with no success.

“Go out, go!” @evanleighk said to the goat. “Out, out, out! I don’t have food!”

Despite the couple’s plea to the ibex, it did not immediately leave.

After standing in place for a few more seconds without reacting to being shooed out of the room, the goat backed out of the room and turned to leave before the video ended.

TikToker @evanleighk shared a second video showing the rest of the family that appeared in the outdoor space of the hotel room.

Some walked by the pool, while one was perched on a stone wall.

“Oh, hello,” @evanleighk said with a laugh.

In the comments section, she said the family stuck around for about an hour before moving along.

The unexpected encounter prompted viewers to share their thoughts in the comments section.

“Do the Ibex come with the reservation or do you have to order them as an add on,” a viewer jokingly asked.

“He said ‘what’s for breakfast fam?'” another viewer commented.

“He’s just checking to make sure your stay is going well and if you need anything,” one TikTok user wrote.

Newsweek reached out to @evanleighk for comment.

Other unexpected wildlife moments have previously gone viral.

A man filmed the moment that he realized his Australian Shepherd herded a large moose onto a hiking trail, while one woman shared the sloppy experience she had as she fed a giraffe in a safari park.

Another video showed the moment that a bull elk charged at a tourist in Estes Park, Colorado.

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