Winter In Tanzania: See What Makes It Worth A Trip To Africa

Located right below the equator, Tanzania suffers from varied temperature changes within the regions of the Country. A land of nature’s treasure, Tanzania has much to offer irrespective of its climate. The Country comprises of many active volcanoes in its Northern circuit that can be trekked up to the craters and around 14 different conservation areas where safari is a major sport. If one is keen to spend this winter someplace warm then here are some suggestions on how to spend this winter in Tanzania.

The Winter Weather In Tanzania

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The country lies adjacent to the equator in the Southern hemisphere. This results in only two types of weather patterns in this part of Africa. Tanzania has a rainy/wet season from December to May and a dry season from July to October. The temperature always averages at about 30℃ in the day and falls to 16℃ in the night. The North and East regions of Tanzania sees two seasons of rainfall-one from October to December( a short and occasional rainy season) and one from March to May( heavy and prolonged rainy season). The average rainfall in Tanzania during the calendar winter months is about 95 millimeters. Visitors have to expect a rise in humidity during these months.

Things To Do This Winter In Tanzania

Winter season in Tanzania is unlike other parts of the world. The period from December to March can be considered as a rainy season in Tanzania. See what all you can during the winter months in Tanzania:

1. Witness the wildebeest calving

explore, travel, africa, tanzania, winter in tanzania: see what makes it worth a trip to africa

January and February months are somewhat dry and hot in the Northern periphery of Tanzania. It is the season of wildebeest calving in this region and can be witnessed in the Serengeti National Park. The wildebeests would have migrated by now to the south from Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya as a part of the wildebeest migration cycle. A congregation of around 10,000 newborns can be observed in the park at a given point of time. The predator activity of the big cats like lions, leopards and hyenas are at all time high during this season. One can go on a gaming safari in one of the numerous game reserves in Tanzania to witness the predator-prey activities.

Location: Serengeti National Park
Cost for two: INR 3,68,000 for 8 days

2. Sauti za Busara Music festival

explore, travel, africa, tanzania, winter in tanzania: see what makes it worth a trip to africa

One of the biggest music festivals in Africa is the Sauti za Busara festival in Zanzibar. The Zanzibar Music festival or sounds of wisdom as it is known in the local Swahili is a four-day event conducted annually where artists from across the Continent participate to promote the pan -African artistry to the rest of the world. It is organized in the historic city of Stone Town in Zanzibar where both traditional and contemporary African music such as afro jazz and reggae are performed. Parades and carnivals take place all over the town where strangers are also welcome to participate.

Location: Old Fort, Stone Town, Zanzibar
Date: February 7-9th 2022

3. Run a Marathon

explore, travel, africa, tanzania, winter in tanzania: see what makes it worth a trip to africa

A marathon is organized in the vicinity of Kilimanjaro foothills in the month of March. It is an effort from the Tanzania Government to promote sports and athletics in the Country. Marathon runners from across the world participate in this annual event and the first ten winners take home a cash prize and a medal. The length of the full marathon is for 42.2 km while the half marathon is for 21.1 km. The route of the marathon is from the famous Moshi stadium passing through the banana plantations over the moderate uphill slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and looping back to the stadium. A wheelchair marathon for about 10 km is also organized for the incapacitated.

Location: Moshi Stadium, Kilimanjaro
Date: March 3rd 2022

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