Woman shares unique method to make 'amazing' crispy roasties - without using an oven or air fryer

food, woman shares unique method to make 'amazing' crispy roasties - without using an oven or air fryer

The finished roasties looked mouth-watering

A woman has vowed never to cook roast potatoes in the conventional way again after discovering an alternative method that left her roasties looking deliciously golden and crispy.

Ria McCullough was heaped with praise on Facebook after sharing her method for creating the ‘amazing’ roasties – but the twist is that there is no oven or even an air fryer involved. Ria started off by parboiling her Navan potatoes for 10 minutes, before letting them steam dry in a colander.

The clever cook then added sprinklings of flour, salt, pepper, onion granules and sage to the spuds while they were cooling – and here’s where the alternative cooking method comes in. Ria added “a few glugs” of mild olive oil to a slow cooker and turned it to a high setting to make the oil piping hot when adding the potatoes, the Liverpool Echo reports.

The potatoes were then left in the slow cooker on high power for four hours with a tea towel under the lid to trap condensation and help the potatoes crisp up, with Ria turning them twice as they cooked. She wrote on Facebook as she shared the method: “Absolute game changer, not sure I’ll make roasties in the oven ever again!”

The post quickly racked up thousands of likes from members of the Slow Cooking UK page, with people praising the genius method in the comments section. “OMG you’ve just saved my Sunday roasts, until I get a new oven that is,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Oooh wow! they look amazing. I am definitely going to try them your way – thank you for sharing.”

“They are amazing, a little bit of oil,” a third said. “Didn’t realise I could use the slow cooker for anything other than a casserole.”

“Never thought of doing roasties in my slow cooker, but they sure do look amazing,” another commenter praised, while someone else wrote: “OMG they look amazing, I’m drooling looking at these.”

The cost of running a slow cooker compared to other cooking methods could make this method the new normal. A recent study by Hometree showed that slow cookers use around the same amount of energy as a lightbulb even if left on all day, working out at around 5p per hour, compared to 30p per hour for using an air fryer and 68p per hour for the average oven.

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