Woman's Simple Recipe for 'Baked Macaroni and Cheese' Is Beyond Irresistible

food, woman's simple recipe for 'baked macaroni and cheese' is beyond irresistible

It couldn’t be easier to make!

We think every day is the perfect day for eating homemade mac and cheese. All the buttery, gooey, cheesy goodness makes us feel so warm and satisfied. It’s the quintessential fall food, and TikTok Content creator @moonscookinbelike, shows us her easy and mouthwatering recipe for this classic dish. The creaminess of this homemade baked mac and cheese is simply sensational!

This gooey mac and cheese looks absolutely dreamy.

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This video should come with a hunger warning. This gorgeous sauce uses rich and luscious ingredients like whipping cream, butter, cream cheese, hoop cheese, Colby Jack cheese, cheddar cheese, and seasonings like garlic powder and smoked paprika. She tops it all off with a layer of her shredded cheese mixture and bakes it for 20 minutes. Then, it goes under the broiler to get a nice crispy top. Have mercy!

The audience, like us, was wondering about one ingredient, the hoop cheese. The video’s creator @moonscookinbelike tells us, “Hoop cheese is a “cheddar-like” cheese with the red wax coating. It’s tastes very similar to mild cheddar cheese, but it has its own distinct flavor.” This is the first time we’ve seen this cheese in a mac and cheese recipe, and we can’t wait to test it out! Viewer @Tammy Morris8178 commented, “I’m going to try this mac and cheese. Every year in my family, we have a mac and cheese contest and decide which one is the best for the year. Thank you!” The recipe’s creator @moonscookinbelike replied, “You’re gonna win!!” Yes, we think so, too!

We’re confident this mac and cheese recipe will win any contest you enter, and we know your family will be the real winners anytime you make this for them!

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