Would you dare to try these unusual pizza toppings?

food, would you dare to try these unusual pizza toppings?

Toppings you can’t top

Love a plain and classic Margherita or think pineapple on pizza is controversial? Then hold on to your hats as we take a look at some of the weirdest and wackiest pizzas out there, from monster pies and taco-topped crusts to expensive crustacean creations and even some sweet treats.

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Thanksgiving Pizza, Fellini Pizzeria

Every year a countdown appears on the homepage of Fellini Pizzeria in Providence and Cranston, Rhode Island to mark the days and hours until its famous Thanksgiving Pizza returns. Only available for 24 hours every year before Thanksgiving, the pizza really is the full works. There’s slow-roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce on the side – definitely something to be thankful for.

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Fish Fry, Ian’s Pizza

Available every Friday during Lent, the Fish Fry pizza at Ian’s Pizza in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is inspired by the Catholic tradition of abstaining from eating warm-blooded animals during the month of Lent. The pizza has a tangy tartar sauce and a mozzarella base with French fries, fried fish and a homemade coleslaw topping, invoking the spirit of British fish and chips.

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Lady Zaza, Pizzeria Lola

Created by Pizzeria Lola and its owner Ann Kim, the Lady Zaza celebrates Ann’s Korean heritage and ingredients often used by her mum in her cooking. The pizza is a drool-worthy combination of kimchi, Korean sausage and soy-chilli glaze. For more Korean-inspired pies, check the menu for the Korean BBQ with beef short ribs and the popular Seoul Chicken that makes frequent appearances on the specials board.

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Mango pizza, Pitstop Restaurant

Guimaras Island in the Philippines is home to breathtaking beaches, waterfalls and the world’s sweetest mangoes. And while it’s no surprise to find mangoes in fruit shakes, the Pitstop Restaurant features them in its spaghetti, as well as on a pizza that’s garnered quite a lot of attention from travellers. Finished with green peppers, cheese, cashews, chilli sauce and mango slices, the pizza is a must-taste when visiting the island.

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Coat of Arms, Australian Heritage Hotel

A very different take on a meat feast pizza, the Coat of Arms at the Australian Heritage Hotel in Sydney combines two unusual meats – emu and kangaroo. The pizza is then finished with dried tomato, lemon myrtle mayo and red peppers. “Why ‘Coat of Arms’?” you might wonder. The answer’s simple – the two main toppings, emu and kangaroo, feature on the Australian 50-cent coin. There’s also another decidedly Australian pizza on the menu: the Saltwater Crocodile, which pairs crocodile meat with coconut red curry sauce, spinach and red peppers.

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Pizza Berlusconi, Koti Pizza

Another unusual meat pizza can be found at the outposts of Nordic chain Koti Pizza. Its popular reindeer pizza has a rather unusual name, too. Titled Pizza Berlusconi, it’s a dig at the former Italian Prime Minister who, after visiting the country in 2005, said Finnish people only ate marinated reindeer. Three years later, the smoky topping beat an Italian entry in an international pizza competition, so Finns had the last laugh.

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Kashmiri Dahl, Crate Brewery

It’s no secret that people in Britain love a good curry. London restaurant and taproom Crate Brewery has taken notice and put the flavours on a pizza. The Kashmiri Dahl features mozzarella, and that’s where similarities with a traditional pizza end. The rest of the toppings are fragrant cumin seeds and chilli flakes, dahl, crispy shallots, mango chutney and fresh banana slices – a vague nod to the famous Swedish banana curry pizza.

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Pizza in a pizza box, Vinnie’s

Some might say you can never have too much pizza, and Vinnie’s in Brooklyn, New York has made sure you have the box to munch on as well. “No waste, as it is all 100% pizza and 100% delicious,” say Vinnie’s – and we couldn’t agree more. Going strong since 2016, the pizza box comes with a traditional round pizza inside and has a price tag of £28 ($40).

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The Mac Daddy, Crazy Pedros

Mashing up popular comfort foods is a huge trend and Manchester’s Crazy Pedros has nailed it. The Mac Daddy sports a Big Mac-inspired topping of mini burger patties, mac sauce, gherkins and shredded iceberg lettuce. It’s also not the only wonderfully wacky creation on the menu – the Chippy Tea features sausage, chips, mushy peas and curry sauce, while the Got The Muncheese is topped with beef Monster Munch.

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KFC Chizza, KFC

The topping – a pretty common combination of two-tone cheese, pepperoni, peppers and pizza sauce – is not what’s outrageous about this pizza. It’s all about the base, which consists of KFC fried chicken. The dish was first launched in Singapore and is available in Vietnam, the Philippines and a handful of other Asian countries. Sadly (or, perhaps, luckily) there are currently no plans to bring it to Europe or the US.

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Carbonara, Da Paolo Pizza Bar

Singapore’s Da Paolo Pizza Bar is known for its innovative monthly specials, ranging from black squid ink pasta with salmon to a Christmassy concoction with Brussels sprouts. But one special was so popular that it made its way to the permanent menu. The Carbonara pizza does exactly what it says on the tin – evoking the flavours of the classic pasta dish, the pizza combines glazed bacon chips, grated Parmesan and a runny egg in the middle.

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Cold smoked salmon pizza, Correas

Here traditional Russian-style blinis are swapped for a thin pizza crust topped with cold smoked salmon and sour cream. One of the most popular dishes at this Moscow restaurant chain, it’s a fun and unusual take on a canapé favourite – albeit one that might not seem too appetising to many.

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Pizza with house cured smoked salmon, Spago

It seems Wolfgang Puck had a similar stroke of inspiration at his Beverly Hills restaurant Spago, where a smoked salmon pizza is the signature dish. This one is also a rather luxurious (and pricey) experience, made with dill crème fraiche and topped with generous dollops of salmon roe. For £27 ($38), it’s yours.

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Deluxe Nacho, Copps Pizza Company

Nachos and pizza are among the world’s favourite fast foods. Mash the two together and you get the Deluxe Nacho (pictured centre) – an incredible looking pizza from Copps Pizza Company in Omaha, Nebraska. The beautiful pie is topped with a plentiful supply of mozzarella and nacho cheeses, tomatoes, lettuce and jalapeños, a dollop each of sour cream and guacamole, beef or chicken and lashings of cream cheese sauce.

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Cheeseburger pizza, Domino’s

It may not be a new or particularly groundbreaking invention, but cheeseburger pizza deserves credit for combining two amazing flavours and totally conquering the world. It features on menus everywhere, from pizza parlours to Domino’s, and it has even found its way onto supermarket shelves in the UK. The Domino’s version includes all the cheeseburger essentials – cheese, beef, sliced gherkins, onions and burger sauce.

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Salad Pizza, Abbot’s Pizza Company

Abbot’s Pizza Company in Venice, Los Angeles serves a crispy pizza base topped with a heap of leafy greens doused in a lemon and olive oil dressing. The Salad Pizza is finished with slices of avocado and diced tomato. Too green for a pizza, perhaps? This is California after all.

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Wake n Bake, Post Office Pies

Breakfast on a pizza is something we can definitely get behind. This pizza place in Avondale, in the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama, serves up a long list of enticing pizzas. But it’s the Wake n Bake we have our eyes on. Topped with smoked bacon, sausage and mornay sauce (a cheesy variation of béchamel sauce), plus fried egg in the middle, it sounds like a brilliant idea.

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Elotes Pizza, Dimo’s Pizza

The most popular seasonal pizza at Chicago joint Dimo’s Pizza, Elotes Pizza features fresh roasted corn, poblano peppers, cotija cheese, red chilli salt and an incredible house-made coriander lime mayo. Inspired by Mexican street corn, the pizza is only available during the summer corn season to ensure it’s topped with the juiciest and sweetest kernels.

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Super Topping, Big Lou’s Pizza

When you can’t decide what toppings to have on your pizza, this San Antonio joint is ready to step in with a belly-busting 42-inch (107cm) pizza. Called the Super Topping, the enormous pie features nearly all the toppings the Texan pizzeria offers, including pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon, olives and mushrooms.

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Taco Taco Taco, Tony Boloney’s

Can’t choose between your two favourite takeaways? When ordering at Tony Boloney’s you don’t have to, because Taco Tuesday also means pizza. With several outposts in New Jersey, this restaurant has an extensive menu of crazy pizzas and monster subs, yet nothing beats Taco Taco Taco. The pizza crust is topped with three types of tacos – mezcal-marinated steak, chicken and brisket – and it’s all finished with a pool of guacamole in the middle, plus a light drizzle of sour cream and horseradish crema.

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Serpent, Steveston Pizza Co.

One for the seafood lovers, Serpent pizza at Steveston Pizza Co. in Richmond, British Columbia is topped with a whole medley of crustaceans. There’s shrimp and prawns, some smoked salmon too, and four impressive Canadian lobster tails jutting out of the middle. Want more seafood? The C6 pizza, which costs £495 (CA$850), combines tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, smoked steelhead, and Russian Osetra caviar, and is finished with shavings of Italian white truffle.

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Macaroni & Cheese, Pizzanista!

Whoever had the idea of topping a pizza pie with mac ‘n’ cheese is a genius, and Pizzanista! in Los Angeles has turned it into a signature dish. Available only on Sundays, the sourdough pizza crust is topped with generous amounts of classic homemade mac ‘n’ cheese before the whole thing is baked.

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Nutella Pizza Ring, Pizza Pilgrims

Dessert pizzas are also a thing in the UK, with Pizza Pilgrims’ Nutella Pizza Ring being one of the most popular. The famous chain’s signature dessert, the pizza dough ring is stuffed with copious amounts of Nutella and salted ricotta before it’s baked in the oven. Then it’s served with vanilla ice cream and, yes, more Nutella.

food, would you dare to try these unusual pizza toppings?

Loopy Fruits Pizza, Fong’s Pizza

This wacky pizza received a lot of international attention and even a mention on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon thanks to its out-of-the-ordinary toppings. A permanent feature on this Iowan pizzeria’s breakfast menu, it has a base of sweet cream cheese sauce, is topped with mozzarella, drizzles of Greek yogurt and condensed milk, and has actual Froot Loops scattered across the top. We’d argue most of these things don’t belong on a pizza, but that’s just us…

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Choc-Crunch, Max Brenner

If you thought pizza toppings can only be savoury, you might want to think again. This sweet creation is Max Brenner’s signature dish. The chocolate bar has locations in New York and Philadelphia and both feature the formidable Choc-Crunch on the menu. Topped with caramelised pecans, crunchy cornflakes, gooey marshmallows and white chocolate drops, it’s certainly for those with a serious sweet tooth.

food, would you dare to try these unusual pizza toppings?

Beanz Pizza, Heinz

There’s nothing more quintessentially British than beans on toast (and of course, they must be Heinz). Now imagine a large-scale version of that: enter the Heinz Beanz Pizza! The frozen meal, which was very popular in the UK in the 90s, disappeared from shelves in 2003. However, almost 20 years later it’s making a comeback and will be available to purchase from Iceland stores in the UK from 14 November. A combination of sweet and tangy tomato sauce, Heinz Beanz, mozzarella and some good British Cheddar cheese makes for one controversial yet nostalgia-inducing topping.

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