Yes, You Need This Cute Wire Egg Basket in Your Kitchen

Eggs are, without a doubt, an essential part of the Pinoy diet. Not sure what to eat for breakfast? Cook silog. Eat it alone or add any type of meat to conclude the triple food portmanteau. Thinking of lunch or dinner? Fix up a variation of torta — ampalaya, talong, kalabasa or giniling would do.

If eggs are as important to you as the majority of Filipinos, then you should definitely not be taking them for granted. Now, here’s a question you might’ve not thought about before: What’s the best way to store eggs?

Experts suggest that the best way to store eggs is by keeping them in their original cartons. However, it’s not advisable to reuse these cartons; so if you’re buying single pieces that don’t come in cartons, it’s best that you store them in a wire egg basket. The open design of this type allows continuous airflow for the eggs; they also protect them from rolling around and breaking.

Now that you know that, let us introduce you to the next online purchase you won’t regret. Meet this chicken wire egg basket — the cutest you’ll ever see!

Chicken wire egg basket features

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Cute and functional, this wire egg basket has particularly grown in popularity among netizens. As of writing, it’s sold over 1,000 pieces online! Approximately 20cm high and 22.5cm wide, it can properly store up to 25 pieces of eggs. It even has two metal handles so you can easily move it around if you need to.

Beyond its practical features, the wire egg basket has drawn attention because of how charming it is. Its metal mesh has either a black or gold-coated surface; serving as its cover is a ceramic hen that comes in different colours and designs.

On Shopee, the wire egg basket has the following variations: jewel-toned green, plain white, rice yellow, and white with colourful patterns. Meanwhile, Lazada also offers the same item with a couple of additional variations: lemon yellow and hot pink.

Shop on Shopee or Lazada.

Want more? Check out this egg white separator

explore, travel, yes, you need this cute wire egg basket in your kitchen

If you’re an egg fanatic, then you’ll probably be interested in this cute egg white separatoras well! It comes in pink, yellow, or silver and can supposedly hold up to three eggs at a time.

Although retailing for ₱518, the egg white separator gets a lot cheaper if you buy it on a sale day. (As of writing, the egg white separator costs ₱199.)

Shop on Shopee or Lazada.

All images credited to Shopee.

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