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You Can Get Our Place’s Popular Always Pan for 25% Off During Their Fall Hard Sale Event

food, you can get our place’s popular always pan for 25% off during their fall hard sale event

Known for its Always Pan and Perfect Pot, Our Place is having a fall sale that will give you 25% off on a range of cookware in a variety of colors.

If you need a little motivation to order less takeout and cook more meals, new cookware might do the trick. Our Place, which recently unveiled miniature cookware, has made a name for itself for being equal parts great to cook with and pretty to look at — so much so that some people leave their pots and pans on display on their stovetops. The brand is discounting some higher-end pieces during a rare fall sale event, so you’ll want to take advantage of the generous 25% off deals now.

The Our Place Fall Hard Sale includes some of its most beloved items, such as the Always Pan, Perfect Pot, and even the new ovenware set that was released a few months ago. So instead of looking at prices like $145 and $165 for the Always Pan and Perfect Pot, respectively, you can score these items for $108 and $123.

If you’re looking for a larger upgrade to your kitchen, Our Place is also including dishware sets in the sale, like plates and bowls. Their Big Night In consists of these items, plus the Always Pan and Perfect Pot. The Host With the Most set includes glasses, plates, side plates, and bowls, and the Set the Table set is made up of plates, side plates, and bowls — just to name a few of the options. To make it personalized, you can decide which color you want to for each category, so you’re not married to choosing one hue for your plates and glasses if you don’t want to be.

There are plenty of other goodies part of Our Place’s Fall Hard Sale, like Selena Gomez’s kitchenware collection, knives, spatulas, mugs, the Mini Home Cook Duo, and more. So prepare yourself — you’re going to want to refresh just about everything in your cabinets.

You can shop the Our Place Fall Hard Sale on its website for a limited time, so take advantage of that 25% off now.

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